Studio Biped (Studio 二足步行) is an animation production studio based in Hong Kong. The idea behind 'Biped' is a toddler learning to walk with two feet, starting a journey that's unknown yet curious.


We specialise in animation production, visual development, technical research, and storytelling. We work closely with artists of a diverse background, in a constant search for new possibilities in animation.




Visual Development
and Directional Materials

We are specialized in bridging the gap between concepts and production through professional guidebooks.

Pitch Bibles
and Art Presentation 

Eager to present your ideas to clients? We also do story and art pitches to help your projects get greenlit.


Technical Research

We are in a constant search of new tech to enhance the creative process of animation, so if you're engineers or technicians looking to work with animators, let's talk.

Consultancy and Agency

We provide consultancy services to producers who are seeking insights into managing an animation project.

  • Scheduling and budgeting;

  • Production pipeline;

  • Talent referral;

  • Global marketing.

We provide the complete package
from pre-production to post-production, concept development to the finished product.
Each client's package is individually tailored to the project's needs.
  • Pre-production: visual development and art direction; storyboards, animatics, and layouts;

  • Production: backgrounds, animation, visual effects, and compositing;

  • Post-production: editing, sound and music.


Besides the full package, we also look forward to assisting any project in need of animation parts.


Angela Wong


Anita So


Based in Hong Kong

Facebook/ IG/ Twitter: studiobiped


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